Major refill of parts from Ukraine

Foot roller, seat rubber, cable bundles and switches for MT11-MT16, K301-K302 repair sets, cardan articulations etc etc. Let's support the Ukraine economy.


Renovated final drive for K750M and Dnepr in stock again. SOLD

Assembled by the 1974 USSR sidecar roadracing champion, who happends to be living in my village and have become a friend of mine. Search for 75005-b.


6 volt LED-bulbs in stock

Two types of 6 volt LED-bulbs now in stock. Both are 1 watt, substitutes 5 watt filament bulbs. BA15S type goes inte rear lights on all russian 6 volt bikes, but NB! only with negative earth. M72 and early K750 had positive earth, though this has often been modfied. BA9S fits sidecar front light, speedometer and warning lights (though a bit stronger light than original speedo and warning bulbs. With LEDs you save current and a 6 volt dynamo will be less stressed even when driving with lights on all day.


Cylinder sets for Ural, and more

New item added: Cylinder set for Ural 650, cylinders, pistons, rings, gudgeon pins, circlips. High quality, produced in EU. Also in stock again cylinder sets for Dnepr 650 and standard size pistons for all sidevalves, M72, K750 and ChangJiang, also they are high quality products.


Literature for free download in Library

Enhance your knowledge with literature for free download. There's more to come in quite a near future, spares books, manuals, factory drawings etc. Watch out.